Unconditional Endorsement

When it came time to sell one of our multi-unit, real estate holdings that we had owned for over 40 years, we gave Sean the first shot.

One of our properties had some issues that we no longer wanted to deal with. It was older, and while clean and maintained, it was not up to par for the expensive neighborhoods of Manhattan Beach.

We also had inherited four absentee partners through a partner-friend’s inheritance, and three were married, essentially bringing us seven partners. We didn’t want to go through the hassle of upgrading the property ourselves, and we wanted to simplify, so we went to Sean.

In a neighborhood that had no recent comps, he helped us reach a market value, and advised our maintenance manager what needed to be done to cosmetically make it attractive to show. He listed it as is, so we didn’t have to meet termite people or the myriad of inspectors we expected to be demanded by a buyer.

He worked with us and our partners through emails and Docusign (an email signature program), and he led us us through several offers with minimal effort of our own.

We ended up with the best price we ever thought we could get. Sean met every prospective buyer and vendor in person, took on every complication, worked with our maintenance manager, our personal assistant and dealt with the tenants and our partners.

We could not have chosen a more professional realtor to handle the sale. We are more than pleased to give him our unconditional endorsement.